Best lead pencils for school

And the story goes like this…

You’re walking down the aisle at the store with supply list in hand. You’re ready to tackle this yearly job and get on with their school year? Then you get to one item on this supply list and wonder how many more trips you will make throughout the year to get PENCILS. What if this year you don’t look so much into getting the “pretty” pencils, but getting the ones that will last and survive a little longer for your child.

So what do you look for in best lead pencil for school?


Lead grade

There are many different grades of lead. The grade depends on the ratio of graphite and clay in the core. There are two grading systems: American and European. From brand to brand, there is no industry standard for the hardness of the lead grade and varies.


The resistance you feel when writing is called feedback. Some pencils have high feedback and feels scratchy on the paper. Others have low feedback and the pencil just slides across the paper. You want to be at a more medium feedback.


This is a great trait for any good pencil. The ability to erase easily without much effort or using much eraser is an incredible quality.

Sharpening experience

Not all pencils stand up to the test of time. The sharpening process for some pencils sometimes tends to be too much. The lead breaks or the wood splits and some take more effort to sharpen.

Smudge resistance

This is not the most important characteristic, but it is still one that needs to be considered. Left-handers especially would prefer pencils that do not smudge as the write across the paper.


There are quite a few different shapes. The more popular shape you see is the hexagon and circle. However, with the circle you have to worry about them rolling off of the desks all the time. You also see triangular pencils in the lower elementary due to their work in penmanship.


There are matte, gloss, and natural finishes. What you want in a grip will be a deciding factor for you.


With these characteristics in mind, let’s discuss the best lead pencils for school.


1. Write Dudes USA Gold Unsharpened Pencils 96-Count, (CYH53)

About the product.

Looking for an American made pencil? Dude, this is it!!!

A bulk size box of pencils with great erasers. These pencils have incredible glide and movement on the paper. They have a lead grade of HB, a pencil fit for standardize testing. It is, in fact, a #2 pencil, but definitely #1 on point.

Break resistance is another quality students need in a pencil especially with the roughness of a crazy school day. Your teacher will appreciate the amount of pencils in this box because these will last for a long time. Better yet, buy your child’s teacher a box of these pencils for the classroom. You will make a friend for life.


2. ForestChoice Graphite #2 Pencils – 36 Count

About the product.

These pencils come in some amazing bulk sizes. They are available in 36 count packages to 144 count packages. The core of this pencil of #2 graphite.

It is a good pencil for every day use. It has a smooth glide when writing and has a softer feel to the resistance.

For students who want to be more environmentally friendly, these are a great choice. It is a completely unfinished wood pencil and finely sanded. The writer will have a nice grip on this one.



3. ARTEZA #2 HB Wood Cased Graphite Pencils, Pack of 180, Bulk, Pre-Sharpened with Latex Free Erasers, Bulk pack, Smooth write for Exams, School, Office, Drawing and Sketching

About the product.

Looking for pencils that are already sharpened? Here ya go!

These are amazing for any classroom. These are a comfortable pencil with a hexagonal shape that will give an ease in grip to the writer. The wider barrel also helps the writer’s grip, especially the younger writers in school.

The erasers is medium-soft and is durable for the students that heavily erase. It doesn’t rip the paper and works wonderful on scantron tests. Students will LOVE the purple erasers. It will give their school supplies a little personality.



4. BACK TO SCHOOL | STAEDTLER Noris 120 PREMIUM Office Pencil LEAD Pencils – 2B Grade [Box of 12]

About the product.

GREAT GREEN PRODUCT: Have no fear! Staedtler pencils are here! This will ease your mind about the environment as you write smoothly with this amazing product.

Yes, this can be used for writing and for school, but it can also be used for drawing and sketching. If you have any aspiring artist in your midst, get them these pencils and let them draw the world around them.

Easy to sharpen and to erase—This is always a plus with teachers, but can work in the office if needed.  


5. Ticonderoga Wood-Cased Graphite Pencils, Number 2 HB Soft, Pre-Sharpened, Yellow, 240 Count (14634)

About the product.

This, my friend, is a teacher’s best friend. The reliability in a Ticonderoga pencil is immense. Not only are they really strong in lead grade and smooth in writing, they come PRE-SHARPENED! What teacher wouldn’t love that? We won’t have to listen to the sound of  a pencil sharpened as often with these pencils.

These pencils are strong and can stand the test of time. It would take a considerable amount of force in order to actually break it. The lead itself holds its point without constantly breaking.

We all know that students drop supplies on the ground all the time. However, even being dropped, the lead doesn’t break easily within the pencil.

Most teachers ask students to bring pencils, but smart teachers ask students to bring Ticonderoga pencils.


The decision is YOURS!

Every person has a preference in what they want in a pencil. From the grip to the color, we like what we like. When looking at pencils, remember the characteristics that each one provides. Not all pencils are created equal. They may look “pretty”, but do they stand up to the craziness of a school year? The decision is up to you.