Best Mechanical Pencils for Students

Every school year starts out the same—looking at the supply list.




Notebooks, binders, construction paper, and the list goes on and on. Each class has different materials needed to make the class run smoothly all year, but the one instrument they all have in common is pencils.


There usually isn’t a suggested type of pencil, but you know that your student is going to need pencils. They need to withstand the wear and tear of his backpack. When he sits down at his desk and pulls out a pencil, he needs to know that the pencil is sharp and ready to write.


So…..where do you go from here? There’s no manual that tells you great quality pencils.


I am here to help you. As a teacher, I have seen many kinds of pencils.  Dependability, excellent quality, and high standards are key features when buying pencils that will last well into the school year.


What are some of the best mechanical pencils for students I have encountered? Let’s find out.


1. BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7 mm), 40-Count


About the product:

I absolutely LOVE these pencils. Many of my students use them on a daily basis. They are always reliable and have great quality. They last longer than a wood pencil. One equals 2 1/2 wood case pencils.

These are great for standardized tests. It uses #2 lead and has great resistance on the paper especially the fill in the bubbles.

They come with three #2 lead so it gives the students plenty of writing with one pencil.

2. Pentel Icy Mechanical Pencil, 0.5mm, Tinted Lime Green Barrel, Box of 12 (AL25TK)

About the product.

If you are looking for a pencil that doesn’t need sharpening, this is the one you want. It comes with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead already in the barrel of the pencil.

There is a lead variety because it is available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead sizes.

AND…….what student doesn’t want some brightly colored pencils to show off to their friends. Well look no further, these come in cool color-tinted barrels that can fit the personality of the brightest students.

It’s comfortable for all students with a comfortable soft grip that helps the students write a long time without getting tired.


3. Zebra Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil, 0.7mm Point Size, HB #2 Graphite, Black Grip, 24 Pack

About the product.

For those students who run out of lead at the most inconvenient times, this is an incredible pencil to have in their hands. These pencils have a clear barrel that helps them keep track of how much lead they have left and when they need to get more.

There are two full pieces of lead already in each barrel upon arrival. If that wasn’t enough to convince, you can also use Zebra’s Standard 0.7mm HB Lead Refill (99911) on hand for those students who continuously run out of lead. 🙂


4. Pilot G2 Mini Retractable Mechanical Pencils, 0.7mm HB, Pack of 12 (Bulk Packaging) (Purple)

About the Product.

Well well well, here is another amazing pencil that students can have some fun writing with at school. This is always ready to go at any time because it’s always sharp.

These pencils can be bought in bulk, BUT also has refillables that can be sold separately.

Do your students complain about their hands hurting all the time while writing? Take a look at this—-it has a contoured rubber grips for the student to be able to write comfortably for long periods of time.


Quality is key.

The reality of school is that parents are constantly making trips to the stores for more pencils. If you shop for quality, these pencils will be least likely to be found broken in pieces on the classroom floor. They will last longer and withstand the craziness of the school year. This is just another way to keep the focus on the education and not running to the sharpener every day.